1. Amyla

    Big hugs for you and your beautiful little family, Ele! I’m so relieved she seems to be doing better now after that harrowing ordeal.

    Welcome to the world, Freya. May it bring you happiness, love, and good health all your life. <3

    • Thank you! I just feel so lucky. There were so many opportunities for things to have gone so badly for us but she kept fighting. Thinking of you through my sleep deprived haze. 😉 xxx

  2. Valandria

    I will always hold the memory or refusing you to lay about, making you walk up and down that corridor, and making you dance around the delivery room. Oh, and the wet cold towel conveyor belt that was David and I. Always good to remember the silly, fun and quirky times , so when she is old enough, I can tell her all about the weird and whacky dancing she made her mama do during birth :-p

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