About Me




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I’m a nature adoring, tradition loving, jazz singing, stay at home mama of one book-crazy tween boy and a milk-mad newborn baby girl. I’m a DIY and Interior Decorating enthusiast, closet curvy fashionista, fine wine appreciator (and sometimes maybe average wine appreciator too), film festival curator, chocolate fancier and aspiring urban-homesteader. I crave the ocean like my morning caffeine fix, follow the seasons of the year, play dress-ups, and party like it’s 1899.

I live in a little house in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia with my son JJ, fierce baby girl Freya, and my husband David. JJ is in grade three, loves fantasy books, computers (robots!), Scouts, and tuna nori rolls. As I write this, Freya is four weeks old, loves milk, being rocked, and having her daddy sing to her in German, preferably while she’s drinking milk and being rocked.

David is a German-American expat, creative robot enthusiast, devoted husband and parent, and a fan of all things Cephalopod. He works full-time as a Computer Technician while continuing his University education, studying robotics and data security.

I’m super proud of the steps we are taking toward my urban homesteading dream and living our very best lives, as we bake all our own bread, eat a whole-foods diet, grow our own herbs, DIY, decorate, and play together as a family in this quirky, gorgeous city that we call home.



After walking away from Catholicism for near 15 years, returning to the church has allowed me to redefine what it means to be a woman, a wife, and a mother to my amazing children while battling depression and panic disorder. I’m not a particularly good Catholic, or a very active one, but I credit the guy upstairs, modern psychiatry, and the saint-like patience of my husband for the healing that I experience every day.