Stuff Has Happened!

If you haven’t guessed, stuff has seriously happened over the past month or two. Serious stuff, joyful stuff, and average stuff besides. I think the first thing I should mention here is that I made a terrible mistake. I was very wrong in my last post.

A few days before the removalists were to take us to our new home, I discovered that I wasn’t actually suffering from a yucky tummy bug, it was PREGNANCY.

So with bated breath (and much vomiting), we await the arrival of our third child, due to make their appearance some time in late November.

Some of you may remember that with JJ and Freya, I had severe morning sickness. Much worse with JJ, when I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum which didn’t settle until 7 months. This baby hasn’t been much different to what I experienced with Freya, with constant rolling nausea and aversions to absolutely everything. Thankfully, this time it seems to be easing up early, and at 15 weeks, I am now finally able to start cooking for the family again and cramming some serious nutrition into my body.

Freya has grown and thrived, and while she’s still thin as a reed (look at her father!), she’s tall and strong and clever. She’s happily toddling about now, climbing and getting into things she shouldn’t. She has such a different little personality to JJ as a baby. He was such a little angel. Freya is balancing it out by keeping me and my already michelin man sized tummy on edge, 24/7.

She is growing up so fast, her baptism ceremony was held on Easter Sunday. She looked like a little doll in her pretty dress, handed down from her cousins, and the chrism! I could happily smell it forever. Most importantly, it was a beautiful, spiritual ceremony where we truly felt the love of the community gathered around us. I can’t wait to do a full post about the day. It was such a special Easter.

The house move is moving along, but with my sickness, we are still only half unpacked. Thankfully, my mother will be visiting this weekend, so we should be able to get most of the rest done while she’s in Melbourne.