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Pa visits Melbourne and I bring out the Momiform

This past week has been a whirlwind of crazy. The best kind of crazy… well aside from the sickness part. Bleh. Well, as most of you probably already know, my mother has been living with us part-time for the past year or so. It has been such a blessing having her here with us, but we have missed Queensland and missed the rest of the family there. JJ in particular has missed his Pa, my stepfather...

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Thrifting, shooting WIW, and all the feels.

The past few days have been awesome but hectic. My mum has come to stay for a few weeks to spend some time (ie, help) with the kids, and as always, it’s been wonderful to have her here. Our house is tiny though (ya know, I think I’ve mentioned that before once or twice), so it’s super cramped with five of us living here right now. Super cramped and stuffed to the brim with clothing....

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Our Easter Photobook

Easter came and went quietly around here. However, despite JJ’s insistence that this year he no longer believes in the Easter bunny, the bunny still turned up. We suspect that since JJ no longer believes in him, that the bunny may have come for Freya instead. Fortunately for JJ, since his sister is much too small to hunt for eggs or even eat solids, it was up to him to do the hard work (and maybe rekindle a little...

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Vogue x Eastland

The weekend before last, Vogue in collaboration with Eastland hosted a “day of style and inspiration” at the huge Ringwood shopping complex. Now, Ringwood is one of those suburbs that often gets a bad rap, but the gentrification of the outer east has begun to morph the once “questionable” town into something much more desirable. Eastland is a reflection of that, with the 1960’s built center boasting a $665 million expansion over 2015 and 2016...

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Life, beautiful.

Life with Freya is an incredible, beautiful, amazingly exhausting experience. Discharging her from the hospital outpatients yesterday was almost surreal and we had to take a photo to commemorate the occasion. Shortly after this picture was taken, the doctor undressed Freya for an examination and I can promise you, she was no longer peacefully asleep. In fact, the screams were so out of this world that the paediatrician commented that people would think we were...

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Birthing Baby: Part 3 – The Special Care Nursery

…Previous Post Here It was early evening on the day I gave birth to our daughter. I was clean and dressed, hadn’t needed a single stitch, and despite being swollen up like the Michelin man, I felt really very good. Eventually we were moved from the labour suite into the maternity ward, where David and I settled in for the night with our daughter firmly ensconced in her bassinet beside our beds. She hadn’t stirred...

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